Creamery Meadow, Bluffs, Panorama, and Ridge Trail Loop

Hiked on March 6, 2022

My friends Albert, Sahil, Tianchen and I decided to head out to the Big Sur for a day and this is the trail we went with. We were not disappointed. This 8 mile trail takes you right to the edge of the Big Sur, allowing you to walk right alongside the ocean. At the beginning, we had to wade across a stream that was about knee-height at its deepest point and after that, it was a short ascent before we were confronted with the view of the sea. Hiking right beside the infinite expanse of the Pacific is nothing short of sublime. As we walked along, we were accompanied by an extraordinary view that felt just like Friedrich’s Wanderer above the Sea of Fog. Besides the initial ascent, the hike is very gentle and towards the end, there is even an opportunity to frolick on the beach.

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Sur View 1 Sur View 2 Sur View 3 Beach View

tags: hiking - Andrew Molera State Park - Big Sur - California - United States