Camp Muir

Hiked on July 17, 2021

Camp Muir | Richard Hu

Camp Muir is the highest point you can reach on Mount Rainier without a permit and it was also my first hike with fellow Amazon interns. We were a group of 5 and it took us about 3 hours to reach Camp Muir from the trailhead. The second half of the ascent is up snow and regarding this, I have a lot of comments. First, I made the mistake of not bringing actual sunglasses and I ended up getting sunburnt in my eye, which was a peculiar and painful experience. Also, hiking in snow is so demoralizing because things seem much closer than they actually are and you feel like you’re making no progress; the end of the hike is such a tease because you see the camp way before you actually get there. Finally, bring a trash bag to glissade down the mountain! There are a lot of pre-dug chutes and sliding down the mountain is incredibly exhilarating.

For some reason, my phone took pictures on night mode so the colors are a bit weird.

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Mountain View 1 Mountain View 2

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