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I’ll try my best to document all the hikes that I go on and take some good pictures.

Soberanes Point and Whale Peak
Hiked on December 4, 2022

The hiking cars for the CS 70 Santa Cruz retreat were originally headed to Henry Cowell State Park but with the recent rain, I suggested we instead do a hike in the Big Sur and people happily obliged.

tags:  hikingGarrapata State ParkBig SurCaliforniaUnited States

Creamery Meadow, Bluffs, Panorama, and Ridge Trail Loop (Second Time)
Hiked on November 14, 2022

The UAW strike effectively shut down campus, leaving me with an absurd amount of free time, so I decided to take a personal day and do a solo trip to my favourite hike in the Big Sur.

tags:  hikingAndrew Molera State ParkBig SurCaliforniaUnited States

Watchtower Trail
Hiked on August 27, 2022

Watchtower Trail | Richard Hu

HKN retreat took us to Sequoia National Park this semester, allowing me to fit another hike into my otherwise busy schedule. Gilbert, Michael, Vikas, Will, and I set out around 2 PM on the roughly 9-mile hike.

tags:  hikingSequoia National ParkCaliforniaUnited States

Camp Muir (Second Time)
Hiked on August 18, 2022

Camp Muir (Second Time) | Richard Hu

I got to spend a week with my parents in Mount Rainier before the onslaught of school and so I had a chance to revisit one of my favourite hikes in the area.

tags:  hikingMount Rainier National ParkWashingtonUnited States

El Capitan from Yosemite Valley
Hiked on April 3, 2022

El Capitan from Yosemite Valley | Richard Hu

No, this was not a free solo but it was still amazing in its own right. Jason and I had been planning a trip to Yosemite for over a month and originally, we were planning on doing Cloud’s Rest

tags:  hikingYosemite National ParkCaliforniaUnited States

Creamery Meadow, Bluffs, Panorama, and Ridge Trail Loop
Hiked on March 6, 2022

My friends Albert, Sahil, Tianchen and I decided to head out to the Big Sur for a day and this is the trail we went with. We were not disappointed. This 8 mile trail takes you right to the edge of the Big Sur, allowing you to walk right alongside the ocean.

tags:  hikingAndrew Molera State ParkBig SurCaliforniaUnited States

Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm Trail
Hiked on July 31, 2021

Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm Trail | Richard Hu

This was the final hike of my summer at Amazon and I got to share it with 2 other interns, Alex and Jeremy. The trail is nestled away in North Cascades National Park, which is fairly out of the way but worth it nonetheless.

tags:  hikingNorth Cascades National ParkWashingtonUnited States

The Enchantments
Hiked on July 24, 2021

The Enchantments | Richard Hu

The highlight of my summer in Seattle—the Enchantments is a glorious, awe-inspiring, 20-mile trek that pushes you to your limits but rewards you handsomely for it.

tags:  hikingWashingtonUnited States

Camp Muir
Hiked on July 17, 2021

Camp Muir | Richard Hu

Camp Muir is the highest point you can reach on Mount Rainier without a permit and it was also my first hike with fellow Amazon interns. We were a group of 5 and it took us about 3 hours to reach Camp Muir from the trailhead.

tags:  hikingMount Rainier National ParkWashingtonUnited States

Mount Teneriffe
Hiked on July 10, 2021

Mount Teneriffe | Richard Hu

Like Mount Si, Mount Teneriffe is also easily accessible from Seattle, with a dedicated ORCA line to the trailhead. You have two different options for making the ascent: a more roundabout trail and the Kamikaze Trail.

tags:  hikingWashingtonUnited States

Mount Storm King
Hiked on July 4, 2021

Mount Storm King | Richard Hu

Located in Olympic National Park, this is a short but really steep ascent that culminates in a majestic view of Lake Crescent. The whole trail is really exposed so sunscreen is a must.

tags:  hikingOlympic National ParkWashingtonUnited States

Mount Si
Hiked on June 19, 2021

Mount Si | Richard Hu

The Mount Si trail is just an hour out from Seattle, and can be accessed via the Mount Si Direct ORCA line. A reasonably challenging trail with tons of switchbacks, it took me about 2 hours to get up.

tags:  hikingWashingtonUnited States